The Avios Travel Rewards Programme will be closing soon. You will still be able to collect and claim missing Avios on flights until 31 March 2019. Converting your Avios into Travel Bank will be available until 31 May 2019.

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FAQ - Avios

What are Avios?

Avios is an established global currency of the British Airways Executive Club, Iberia Plus, AerClub and Meridiana Club frequent flyer programmes in over 220 countries globally; as well as the currency for the Avios Travel Rewards Programme in South Africa and the UK. Avios members are able to collect Avios through everyday spending and can then convert Avios to Travel bank for flights or to redeem Avios for flight combos on kulula.

Am I able to collect Avios on holiday packages, car hire and hotel accommodation through

No, at this stage you can only collect Avios on kulula flights (inclusive of taxes and fees).

How much Avios will I collect when purchasing a kulula flight?

Avios will be collected based on the amount you spend; you will collect 3 Avios for every R10 spent on a kulula flight. View the collection rate on British Airways (operated by Comair) flights.

Can I use my Avios to book flight combos?

Yes, you can use your Avios to pay or part pay for flight combos. 1000 Avios = R60 and there is no limit on the amount of Avios than you can use towards flight combos.

Where do I register to collect Avios?

Visit to register as an Avios member and then add this to your kulula ID in order to collect Avios automatically every time you log in and book a flight.

Where can I find my Avios balance?

After you’ve joined Avios your latest Avios balance and transactions is in the 'My Account'’ page on You’ll be able to view your last 12 months or 60 transactions online. If you’ve not logged in before, click here to register your Avios account online and follow the steps.

Can I view my Avios account on the kulula website?

Sorry, afraid not, you will only be able to view your account on

Where do I find my Avios membership number?

Your Avios membership number is 16 digits long and starts with 308147. If you don't know yours, you can log in to your account online at and find your number on the 'My Account' page, or contact the Avios call centre on 021 427 7555. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am – 6:30pm; Saturday; public holidays, 9am - 1pm and closed on Sundays.

Do my Avios expire?

Your Avios stay with you as long as you redeem or collect at least one Avios every 36 months — any longer and your Avios will expire and be removed, so remember to take action before those three years are up. There are lots of simple ways to ensure you'll never lose the Avios you collect, simply fly at least once a year.

Can I join Avios if I already have a kulula ID?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to have both accounts. Simply insert your Avios membership number into your kulula ID which will pre-populate every time you book a kulula flight via your kulula ID, saving you time and ensuring you never miss out on collecting Avios when you purchasing flights.

Do I need a kulula ID to register my Avios account?

No, you can register your Avios account on However, by linking a kulula ID with your Avios account you will collect Avios for every booking you make, making it easy to convert into flight savings.

Why must I register for a kulula ID too?

You can capture details such as, your Avios number and credit card details and they will be stored on your profile so you will never have to enter them again. kulula ID allows you to book faster and save your details in a safe environment. Linking your accounts is required to convert Avios into Travel bank flight credits and will also help us provide you special offers that are made for you.

I am a British Airways Executive Club member, can I collect Avios on kulula flights?

No, you can register for an Avios Travel Rewards Programme account via avios page or via and use your Avios membership number to collect on kulula flights. You’re able to then combine your Avios Travel Rewards Programme with your British Airways Executive Club membership, using 'Combine my Avios'

As a Discovery Vitality member can I still get my discount and earn Avios on my kulula flight?

Yes, Discovery Vitality members who are also registered Avios members can collect Avios and get their Vitality discount – Now which is practically flying for free!

Who can I talk to for more information?

You can call our Contact Centre on 0861 KULULA (585852) or alternatively contact the Avios Contact Centre on 0214 277 555.

How do I claim missing Avios on kulula flights?

Avios members can, within a period of 90 days after the date of the actual flight retrospectively claim any missing Avios for each sector of the booking. You can still claim missing Avios until 31 March 2019 by contacting the kulula Contact Centre on +27 (0) 11 921 0205 or claim missing Avios here.

How long will it take for my Avios to appear in my account?

Your Avios will be in your account no less than 30 days from the time you travel.

Can children earn?

You need to be 18 years or older to open an Avios account, children and infants under 18 years of age cannot collect Avios on kulula flights.

Where can you collect Avios?

There are lots of ways to collect Avios and build up your balance so that you can spend them on flights. Read more about collection partners on

Why must I log in each time?

We are a secure shopping portal and as such we require you to take extra pre-cautions to protect yourself by logging in each time.

Can I use my Avios to book kulula flights?

Yes, you can convert your Avios to Travel bank. 1000 Avios = R60 and you can convert up to a maximum of 166000 Avios at a time.

What is Travel bank?

Travel bank is's online account that allows you to pay / part pay for any flights booked. It replaces real cash and can be combined with credit card payments. No combination bookings (flight plus car / hotel) or flight extras can be bought using Travel bank. More info on Travel bank

How do I convert my Avios on

  • Step 1 - Go to the Convert Avios page on
  • Step 2 - Login to Travel bank with your kulula ID login details
  • Step 3 - Enter your Avios Travel Rewards Programme membership details
  • Step 4 - Using the dropdown , select total number of Avios to be converted to Travel bank and initiate conversion

Do I collect Avios, even if I'm not flying?

You can only collect if you flying, we validate your membership number and your surname to collect Avios. However you are able to convert your Avios to Travel bank for anyone. You can boost your Avios balance to have more Avios to convert to Travel bank if you collect with Avios’ other collection partners.

Can I use my Travel bank credit to book flights for my friends and family?

Yes, once you convert your Avios to Travel bank, you can use it to book flights for family and friends.

What’s happening to the Avios Travel Rewards Programme?

The Avios Travel Rewards Programme in South Africa will be closing on 31 May 2019.

What if I have an existing booking?

Don’t worry, your booking is completely safe and will not be impacted by the closure.

Till when can I collect Avios on kulula flights?

Customers will be able to earn Avios on kulula flights until 31 March 2019.

Till when can I convert and spend my Avios on kulula flights?

Customers can convert Avios into Travel bank credit to be used as payment on kulula flights up until 31 May 2019. After 31 May 2019, you will no longer be able to convert your Avios into Travel Bank.

What will happen to my Travel Bank credit on 31 May 2019?

Your Travel Bank credit will not be impacted by the Avios closure and therefore any Travel Bank credit you have, will remain in your Travel Bank and won’t be affected in anyway. We therefore encourage customers to convert their Avios into Travel Bank credit before 31 May 2019 so that they don’t lose out on future kulula flights.

What happens if I don’t have any travel plans before the closure?

No stress, you can convert your Avios into kulula Travel Bank, provided this takes place before 31 May 2019, and then redeem your Travel Bank credit in the future, even after the Avios Travel Rewards Programme closure.

Do I have to use all my Travel Bank credit on before the Avios Travel Rewards Programme closes on 31 May 2019?

No. The kulula Travel Bank credit doesn’t expire.

What is the process to convert Avios to Travel Bank?

The following steps will assist customers to convert Avios into Travel Bank credit in order to redeem on all flights:

  • Step 1 - Visit the homepage and click on “convert Avios”
  • Step 2 - Log into Travel Bank with your kulula ID details
  • Step 3 - Log into the Avios Rewards Programme with your Avios log-in details
  • Step 4 - Convert your Avios to Travel Bank

How much Travel Bank credit will I get if I choose to convert my Avios?

You can convert your Avios to Travel Bank, 1000 Avios = R60.

What is the Maximum amount of Avios I can convert?

You can make multiple Avios to Travel Bank conversions, the maximum amount of Avios that can be converted in one transaction is 166 000 Avios, which is equivalent to R9 960 in Travel Bank credit.

What if I don’t have a kulula ID?

You can create a kulula ID, simply click here.

Are there any restrictions on which flights I can use Travel Bank credit?

No. Once you have converted your Avios into Travel Bank credit you can use it to pay towards the cost of any kulula flight, even the taxes.

I have a British Airways Executive Club account, can I transfer my Avios across to this account?

Yes, you’ll be able to do this. For more information regarding Avios and Executive Club click here.