FAQ - Avios

Can I still collect Avios or claim missing Avios on kulula.com flights?

The last date to collect Avios or to claim for missing Avios for kulula.com flights was on 31 March 2019. You are still able to convert your Avios to travel bank until 31 May 2019Click here for more info.

What will happen to my Travel Bank credit on 31 May 2019?

Unfortunately, the last day to convert was on 31 May. Any Avios points not converted will now be forfeited. 

What is Travel bank?

Travel bank is kulula's online account that allows you to pay / part pay for any flights booked. It replaces real cash and can be combined with credit card payments. No combination bookings (flight plus car / hotel) or flight extras can be bought using Travel bank

Can I use my Travel bank credit to book flights for my friends and family?

Yes, once you convert your Avios to Travel bank, you can use it to book flights for family and friends.

What will happen to my Travel Bank credit on 31 May 2019?

Your Travel Bank credit will not be impacted by the Avios closure and therefore any Travel Bank credit you have, will remain in your Travel Bank and won’t be affected in anyway.  Avios converted to travel does not expire.

Are there any restrictions on which flights I can use Travel Bank credit?

No. Once you have converted your Avios into Travel Bank credit you can use it to pay towards the cost of any kulula flight, even the taxes.